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Competition product arrangement service

We can help you to organizer!
It is difficult to arrange competition prizes! The shipping costs are too high to bring them to Hokkaido… Our golf course will arrange the goods on behalf of the busy organisers. We will make a proposal according to your budget and the number of participants.
If you let us know what prizes you would like to receive, such as “mainly golf equipment”, “items to take home” or “food items to be sent out at a later date”, we will get back to you with a quote. Please make use of this service.
Examples of prizes
Golf Equipment & Hokkaido Specialty Products Series (Example)
Victory18,900caddie bag
runner-up10,300hair crab
3rd place10,100crab shabu set
4th place10,000polo shirt
5th place5,500Button shrimp
6th place4,500travel cover
7th place4,200Boston bag
8th place4,100Cap & Marker Set
9th place3,400delicacy set
10th place5,100North Sea Dried Fish Set
flying prize1,800ball
BB Prize5,100asparagus
BM Prize2,500shoe case
driving contest1,500clip mark
near pin1,000socks
Hokkaido specialty series (example)
Victory12,300red king crab
runner-up10,300hair crab
3rd place11,100Yubari melon
4rd place10,100Sockeye salmon (Yamazuke)
5rd place7,300scallop
6rd place6,100Salmon roe pickled in soy sauce
7rd place5,100green asparagus
8rd place5,000gourmet choice card
9rd place4,800cod roe
10rd place4,000gourmet choice card
flying prize1,600ramen set
BB Prize3,9001 box of potatoes
BM Prize3,400delicacy set
driving contest1,500Hokkaido famous confectionery
near pin1,500Hokkaido famous confectionery
  • *Flying prizes and DCNP are converted into one piece each.
  • *The closing date for ordering prizes is 10 days before the event date.
  • *Depending on the season, we may suggest alternative products. Also, due to the nature of the product, the deadline may be earlier than expected.

PDF: Competition Product Acceptance Form