Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Article 1 (Use of facilities)

Those who use this club (hereinafter referred to as users) must use it in accordance with these terms and conditions.

Article 2 (Establishment of usage contract)

Those who play for our club (hereinafter referred to as players) must read these terms and conditions and sign the designated reception card. This means that our club will accept the use of the signatories’ facilities.
  1. Reception cards will be managed safely in accordance with our club’s security policy.
  2. We will use your personal information on the reception card for the purpose of sending you various information and other business-related written inquiries. In addition, based on an agreement with the Metropolitan Police Department, we may use the information to make an identity inquiry to the police station with jurisdiction.

Article 3 (Application for use)

To apply to play, please apply to the reservation staff between the reservation start date and the day before the day you wish to play, indicating the name of the person making the reservation (name of representative, name of visitors, number of persons), desired date of play, and desired time of start. The cancellation fee for reservations shall be as separately stipulated.

Article 4 (Rejection of Use)

Our club will refuse use of the club if the user falls under any of the following conditions: If we find out after you have started using the facility, we will refuse to continue using the facility.
  1. When there is no time available for the start time due to full capacity or other reasons.
  2. When the user is a Boryokudan member, a Boryokudan-related person, a Boryokudan-affiliated organization, or an affiliated person of such an organization.
  3. When there is no time available for the start time due to full capacity or other reasons.
  4. When an application for facility use is made under a false name or in the name of another person.
  5. When it is recognized that there is a risk of committing an act that violates public order or good morals.
  6. When users (including accompanying visitors) are deemed to be at risk of committing violent or illegal acts, or when they have committed such acts.
  7. When our club closes due to natural disasters or other unavoidable circumstances.
  8. The user violates these Terms and Conditions or the Club’s rules and bylaws, or otherwise causes significant inconvenience to other users.

Article 5 (Refusal of entry and use of facilities to organized crime group members, etc.)

Our club strictly prohibits the entry and use of our facilities by any organization known as a so-called organized crime group or by anyone who is recognized as a member of an organized crime group. If you become aware of this after making a reservation, the contract will be invalidated, and if you become aware of it after you have started using the facility, you will be asked to leave immediately.

Article 6 (Closed days/Opening hours)

The Club’s closing days and opening hours are as determined by the Club.
However, they are subject to change on a temporary basis.

Article 7 (Rejection of continued use)

Our club may refuse continued use in the following cases.
  1. When there is an act that violates public order or good morals, or when it is recognized that there is a risk of collective or habitual violent illegal acts.
  2. When there is any undesirable behavior towards our club.
  3. When facilities cannot be used due to natural disasters or other unavoidable circumstances.
  4. When there is an act that violates the rules and etiquette, or when the pointed out act does not change despite a warning.
  5. When the user recognizes that he or she is a member of an organized crime group or a person related to such organization.
  6. When the user realizes that he or she is accompanied by a member of an organized crime group.
  7. In the event of any other violation of these terms and conditions.

Article 8 (Money and other valuables)

For valuables such as money, jewelry, precious metals, credit cards, bank account cash cards, etc., please use the valuables box or deposit them at the front desk.
If you do not use these items, even if you store them in the valuables box, you are responsible for managing them, so our club will not be responsible for any accidents such as loss or theft. In addition, if we do not hear from you after one week has passed since your lost valuables were found at our club, we will report them to the police.

Article 9 (Personal effects, automobiles, lost property)

The Club will not be responsible for theft or loss of personal belongings, damage to vehicles in parking lots, etc., or accidents.

Article 10 (Locker key)

The club does not keep locker keys, so we are not responsible for any damage to items inside the lockers.

Article 11 (Players’ Responsibility to Prevent Risk and Strict Observance of Etiquette and Manners)

Golf can be dangerous at times, so players are asked to respect etiquette and manners and play at their own risk.

Article 12 (Practice swings on the teeing ground)

Please do not practice swinging anywhere other than at the batting area within the tee mark or in a specially designated area. Please do not enter the teeing ground if you are not in batting order.

Article 13 (Confirmation of flying distance)

Against the leading group, the following group of hitters should judge their own distance chicks by themselves and hit the ball so as not to hit it into the leading group.

Article 14 (Do not step in front of the batter)

Companions must never stand in front of the batter. The club will not be held responsible for any accidents resulting from the batter hitting the ball in front of the ball, or any other accidents caused by the ball being hit between players, and the players will have to resolve this between themselves.

Article 15 (Hitting into adjacent holes)

Hitting the ball into an adjacent hole is especially dangerous, so players should judge the flight distance and direction appropriately and hit the ball carefully. If you do hit the ball, please signal to the player in the hole and hit the ball out of the way, paying close attention to your fellow players.

Article 16 (Evacuation and evacuation site)

When the batter of the following group is to bat, the players of the preceding group should evacuate to a safe place until the batter of the following group finishes hitting.

Article 17 (Leaving out after hole-out)

If you hole out, please leave the green immediately and proceed to the next hole through a safe area from the shots of subsequent players.

Article 18 (If there is thunder)

If there is thunder, please stop playing immediately and evacuate to a safe location such as a course shop.

Article 19 (Prohibition of use of fire)

The use of open flames on the course or in the club is strictly prohibited except in designated areas. Please extinguish match husks and cigarette butts thoroughly and place them in the ashtray.

Article 20 (Liability in case of violation)

If a user violates Articles 11, 12, 13, or 15 and causes a disability or other accident to a third party, or violates Articles 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, or 18 and suffers a disability or other damage himself/herself, the Club shall not be liable for any compensation for injury or other damage.

Article 21 (Club Certification after Completion of Play)

When the user has finished playing, please inspect the club to make sure there are no mistakes. After confirmation, our club will not be held responsible for any shortages or defects in clubs.

Article 22 (In case of damage to facilities)

If a user causes damage to the club’s facilities, equipment, equipment, etc. intentionally or through negligence, the user will be required to compensate for the amount of damage.

Article 23 (Items brought into the facility)

The following items are not permitted in the facility
  1. Something that gives off a particularly bad odor
  2. Firearms and Swords
  3. Items that may ignite or explode
  4. something that makes noise
  5. Things that cause trouble or discomfort to others

Article 24 (Prohibition of Acts)

The following acts are prohibited within the facility.
  1. Gambling and other acts that disturb public morals
  2. Acts such as selling goods, advertising, etc.
  3. Entry to the course by non-players
  4. Acts that cause trouble or discomfort to others

Article 25 (Handling of courier services)

The Club will not be held responsible for any problems with the receipt, storage, or shipping of the courier service, which is provided solely for the convenience of the user.

Article 26 (Good Faith Rule)

Other matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions shall be resolved in accordance with the spirit of golf players and the principles of good faith and honesty.