Tournament Results

Tournament Results

2023 Convention Results

On the final day, he started out in the lead with a three-stroke difference, and at one point was tied up with Naoyuki Kataoka, a local player in the same group, but he played safe golf with five birdies and no bogeys. “There was a lot of confusion in the middle of the match today, and Kataoka in particular put a lot of pressure on me,” he said, wiping sweat from his hands over and over again.
“But it actually helped me concentrate,” he said, pumping his fists as he made the final birdie on the 17th hole. In the end, V2 ran away with a lead of 3 and finished with a total of 23 under.
His previous first tour win was at the 2019 Shinhan Donghae Open, which was co-hosted by Japan, South Korea, and Asia.
“But during that time, I met so many people, and thanks to the help of so many people, I was able to win today.” Of all the people he was grateful for, the person he would like to thank more than anyone else is his wife, Dennis, who has been married for seven years.
“The only two Japanese words I know are “Subarashii” and “Sensei” Sensei is my girlfriend. Today, too, she kept telling me to stay calm. If I do what she says, everything will always be fine. .She is truly a wonderful wife,” she said once again in the winning interview.
Denise was so moved that she looked like she was about to burst into tears, saying, “She’s about to cry.” and to God,” she said happily.
2T-20Naoyuki Kataoka66706766269
4-19Ryutaro Nagano73686565271

2022 Convention Results

On the final day, with a one-stroke lead, he said, “I’ve never experienced anything like this. I was anxious about how it would turn out. He was anxious about the persistence of Otsuki and Kanaya, who were in the same group, “They were really persistent,” and there was a moment when he secretly lamented, “It’s not easy to win, after all. I made my shots and putts while thinking, ‘I want to do this, so I’ll do that.
All three of his previous wins have come in reverse order, and this was the first time he had won in the last group on the final day.
I wonder if the junior golfers saw me play my best golf on the final day before the final round. I hope they saw the article. I would like them to read the article. I sincerely hope that my thoughts reach the Ikuei Nine,” he said, “Until now, Tohoku has never won. If we win, a new road will be created. It is good for the younger children to be able to see the path. It would be great if Ikuei could do that.
1-19Hiroshi Iwata68686667269
2-17Tomoharu Otsuki70686865271
3-16Takumi Kanaya66696869272
4T-11Ryo Ishikawa71687068277

2021 Convention Results

Kazuki Higa, who stands 158 cm tall, made a comeback to win his second career Tour event.
On the final day, he was two shots behind leader Uei, but he said, “I don’t care about Uei-san. I don’t think about the difference between me and Uei. I can’t control the surroundings. I will achieve my goal.
While competing with Uei under the strongest winds of the week, he said, “If I don’t win the tournament with a total of 20 under, there is nothing I can do. He was determined to achieve his own set score. He was in a tie for the lead at the 13th, but he did not miss a 1-meter chance. At the 14th, he putted 10 meters from off the green to reach his quota, and then sank a 1.5-meter shot at the 15th.
He was so concentrated that he did not realize until he reached the next hole that it was his third in a row, and he did not know that his 21-under total was the record for the most under-par round in the tournament.
1-20Kazuki Higa68656768268
2-18Kunihiro Kamii66676572270
3T-14Tomoharu Otsuki68697067274
-14Yuki Inamori69686671273

2019 Convention Results

He overcame both pressure and deep sadness. Ishikawa’s third career perfect V, in which he led from day one, made it the first time in his career that he has won two consecutive tournaments. His 20-under-par total, four shots ahead of second place, tied the tournament record and marked the first time in history that a player has won the tournament more than once.
On the third day, he unusually complained of leader’s conflict and nervousness. On the final day, starting from the sole lead by three shots, he was “a little sloppy” on the first hole. He was in a pinch, again from the right rough onto the right rough of the green. He grabbed his 58-degree SW, which he said he could rely on when he was in trouble. The ball bounced lightly in front of him once and disappeared into the cup. A chip-in birdie. At the 3rd, he carried his second straight drive to the flower path and sank a 5-meter putt. At the 5th, his SW approach from the edge of the green was another chip-in, and he temporarily extended his lead to six. At the 5th, his SW approach from the edge of the green chipped in again, and he temporarily extended his lead to six. The large gallery of spectators called it “divine. With a commanding lead in the first half, he was able to pull out a convincing victory without a shadow of a doubt. A mysterious force was at work. In fact, there was some doubt that he would even be able to participate in the tournament.
It was on the morning of the first day of the tournament, just before the start, that Ishikawa received the news of his mother-in-law’s death. His wife was a junior high school classmate and childhood friend. I knew your mother since junior high school, and she became my mother-in-law after we got married. My younger sister and brother also took very good care of her, and I lost someone very important to me. I was devastated. Finally, he had time to relax and soak in the memories of his mother-in-law. As he faced the green and was greeted with applause from the crowd, he looked up at the clear blue Hokkaido sky and said, “I’m sure she’s watching me.
1-20Ryo Ishikawa67666768268
3T-15Takahiro Hataji69697065273
5-14Yuta Ikeda70686769274

2018 Convention Results

The first day of the tournament was cancelled due to heavy rain, and the competition was shortened to 54 holes. B.Kennedy, who started the final day trailing by four shots, made nine birdies to pull off a stunning come-from-behind victory that gave him a three-shot lead over the field and his first third Tour win in five years. The 44 year old chewed up his third win on the tour after five years of absence. It’s been five years since I played here. To be honest, I had almost forgotten what it felt like to win. I remember how it felt to win.
On the final day, he had chased a four-shot lead and made a stunning comeback with nine birdies. In the end, he won by three shots. He joined the V contenders with consecutive birdies on the 11th, and finally succeeded in capturing the lead on the 14th, but “I never looked at the leaderboard. I was concentrating on my golf.
2-9Hyung-Sung Kim676971207
-7Yoshinori Fujimoto696971209

2017 Convention Results

For the second year in a row, the No. 1 driver snatched his second win on the tour. On the final day of the tournament, he came out of second place, one stroke behind the leader, and knocked the chops out of the legends from the morning. At the starting ceremony on the first tee, Kim hit a shot so hard that former swimming medalist and tournament ambassador Takeshi Matsuda, Mr. Honorary Chairman of the tournament, and even JGTO Chairman Isao Aoki, who should already be familiar with Kim’s destructive power, were all stunned.
Even Mr. Osamu Satomi, chairman of the Sega Sammy Group, the organizer of the tournament, was stunned, saying, “It’s a monster…. I’ve never seen anything like it.
I had no doubt that Kim would win the tournament from the tee,” he said, taking off his hat. The North Country Golf Club, designed and supervised by Aoki, is 7,178 yards in length, which made the organizers cry, “I wonder if it is too short for Chang. He received the highest praise from the Mr. as “the result of the perfect combination of a well-endowed physique and a sharp shot. This year again, he averaged a whopping 319.88 yards over the four days, again flying farther than anyone else, while also saying, “To win, you have to putt. The player with the best putt wins in the end,” he said, proud of his victory, which was a combination of both offensive and defensive skills.
2-17Jung-Gon HWANG66696967271
3T-11Shugo Imahira69686769273
-11Yuta Ikeda66687070274

2016 Conference Results

He ran away with it as promised. Tanihara finally won her first tournament of the season. Her 12th win on the tour finally rewarded her late father with the most recent victory. He also lived up to the expectations of Mr. Tanihara. He handed the par-saving ball at the 18th to his junior player, Yoshinori Fujimoto, who, for some reason, also threw the winning ball into the spectators’ seats. He was delighted.
On the final day, when he was leading by four shots, he said, “I was so bad, I was tired.” The wind, which was the complete opposite of yesterday’s wind, tossed him around, “I couldn’t adjust,” and he was one shot ahead of Krongpa, who was tied for the lead. In the big pinch, “I felt strong,” he said, relying above all on his own past data that he has never lost if he is the sole leader on the final day. He was also vaguely confident that he would not lose again today, saying, “If I get caught up, I’ll work hard again from there. He was so impressed by the power of Mr. Nagashima. Shigeo Nagashima, honorary chairman of the tournament, drove up in a cart. I’m here to cheer you on! He waved his hand, and as soon as he saw the smile on his face, he made a birdie near the pin. He shooed away Krumpa and said, “Everyone is very kind to me. Everyone is so kind.” His unwavering steadfastness, no matter what the situation, is his greatest strength.
1-14Hideto Tanihara70656772274
3T-11Shugo Imahira71706868277
-11Azuma Yano68716969277
5-10Yoshinori Fujimoto70736867278

2015 Conference Results

After two days of qualifying rounds, 64 players with a total score of up to 2-under advanced to the final round.
On the final day of the final round, Hiroshi Iwata, starting from 3rd place, shot a 66 with 6 birdies and no bogeys for a total of 16 under par, 272, and his second win on tour. In addition to his victory, Iwata also won the Shigeo Nagashima Award for the most aggressive player and the Driving Distance Award, the first time in the tournament’s history that a player has won all three awards. I hope that he will spread his wings to become a world-class player. The winner’s trophy received from Shigeo Nagashima, Honorary President of the tournament. Hiroshi, who showed almost only his back in the most spectacular part of the ceremony, said, “As soon as I received the trophy, I was so happy. He was scolded again, saying, “You should show the trophy to the gallery as soon as you receive it,” which made him feel sorry for himself. He also reminded me that a winning putt is supposed to be made at the end of a round to make the round more exciting. Why was it “after you”? Why didn’t Hiroshi, who deviated from the etiquette of the victory scene in every way, such as hitting the ball before Imahei, strike a gut-punch at the end? This is the only excuse I can offer.
1-16Hiroshi Iwata70696766272
2-15Shugo Imahira69677067273
3T-13Hyung-Sung Kim66716771275
5-12Yusaku Miyazato69716670276

Outcome of the 2014 Conference

The 2014 tournament, the 10th edition of the event, attracted a great deal of attention as Ryo Ishikawa and Hideki Matsuyama, both of whom will be competing on the U.S. Tour this season, joined the field. Ishikawa, playing in his third tournament on the domestic tour this season, made five birdies on the third day to move up to third place, and was in the final group with leader Komei Oda and second-place finisher Kazuhiro Yamashita heading into the final day. On the final day, a large crowd of golfers gathered to watch Ishikawa and Oda go head-to-head in a tight duel. Ishikawa, who had tied with Oda on the 18th hole, birdied the third playoff hole to win the 10th championship.
Ishikawa received the trophy from Shigeo Nagashima, the tournament’s honorary chairman, with a big smile on his face and a hearty round of applause. The tournament also strives to nurture young players, and this year, for the first time in its 10-year history, two amateurs qualified for the tournament, and Daisuke Matsubara won the Best Amateur Award, which was also good news for the golfing world as the next generation of young players improved.
1-10Ryo Ishikawa69716767274
2-10Komei Oda69676969274
-7Kazuhiro Yamashita67697071277
6-5Shunsuke Sonoda72697167279
-5Kodai Ichihara71687268279

2013 Tournament Results

The tournament started with rainy conditions on the first and second days, but the famous North winds did not blow throughout the tournament, and the competition for the championship was extremely high. First, on the third day of the tournament, Sonoda set a course record of 61 strokes to take the lead. On the final day, Kondo, Kono, and Matsuyama were in hot pursuit of Sonoda, but in the end, Sonoda won the tournament with another round of 67 strokes on the final day.
Before the awards ceremony, the players’ association presented a commemorative gift to the tournament’s honorary chairman, Shigeo Nagashima, who received the National Honor Award in May of this year, to congratulate him on receiving the National Honor Award and to express their gratitude for his continued support.
1-20Shunsuke Sonoda69716167268
2T-17Tomohiro Kondo71686765271
-17Yuki Kono68686966271
4T-16Hideki Matsuyama71676866272
-16Hideto Tanihara72686567272

2012 Tournament Results

The 2012 tournament was held under sunny skies and in excellent conditions. The final day of the tournament was a very competitive affair, with 144 of Japan’s top professionals competing, 69 of whom advanced to the final round, and 13 players within 3 shots of the lead. The battle for the win between the two Koreans starting in the final group, Kyoung-Hoon LEE and Hyung-Sung Kim, went all the way to the end, but Lee, who had held the lead since day one, birdied Nos. 17 and 18 in succession to overtake Kim and take his first win on tour at 19-under par. Ryo Ishikawa, who was tied for 88th place on the first day, made a strong charge with seven birdies on the final day to finish in a tie for 3rd place and win his first Japan Tour event in about a month and a half, much to the delight of the many golfers in attendance.
1-19Kyoung-Hoon Lee65697065269
2-17Hyung-Sung Kim69676867271
3-15Ryo Ishikawa74676666273
-15Taichi Teshima68696967273
-15Katsumasa Miyamoto71676768273

2011 Tournament Results

July 21-24, 2011
Blessed with beautiful weather throughout the tournament and a record 18,425 golfers in attendance, the 2011 tournament was a tough one for many players as the cut line for qualifying was 3-over. The 2010 money champion Kyung-Tae Kim, chasing Ryo Ishikawa, Dong-Hwan, and Kodai Ichihara, who were all aiming for their first win, led the field on the final day of the tournament by four shots.
Kyung-Tae Kim and Ryo Ishikawa are rivals of destiny in Japan and South Korea, and the two players met in the final group on the last day.
The two players faced each other in the final group on the last day. Ryo Ishikawa’s birdie attempt fell just short of the cup. However, his birdie attempt just failed to reach the cup, and he was unable to win the tournament. On the other hand, Kyung-Tae Kim made a birdie near the pin at the 18th, which turned out to be the winning pad. He won the tournament for the first time this season with a 15-under total and became the 7th tournament champion. The tournament was also broadcast live on TBS nationwide for the first time, creating a great sensation.
1-15Kyung-Tae Kim67706868273
2-11Ryo Ishikawa69697168277
3-8S. Conran69727168280
4-7Kodai Ichihara68677472281

2010 Tournament Results

July 22-25, 2010
Blessed with beautiful weather, the final day of the tournament attracted more than 6,000 golfers, the largest turnout in the tournament’s history. While Tetsuji Hiratsuka, who had held a solid lead since the second day of the tournament, was losing ground, Mamoru Osanai, who qualified for the Monday tournament, and up-and-coming players Shunsuke Sonoda and Min-Gyu Cho all holed out at 13-under, setting up a three-player playoff. On the second hole, Sonoda’s valiant attempt to hit the green in 2 fell into the water and he was eliminated, leaving Cho to three-putt for a painful bogey on the fourth hole with two players in play. In contrast, Osanai carefully sank a 70cm downhill par putt and raised his hands high into the blue sky.
Osanai, who had achieved his fourth comeback victory in four years, said, “This is my first tournament this year (Sega Sammy Cup), so I can’t believe it,” his voice choked with tears of joy as he chewed on his comeback. Ryo Ishikawa, playing his first tournament since returning from the British Open, also surged to the top of the leaderboard with six birdies on the third day of the tournament. He came very close to winning the Shigeo Nagashima Award, which is awarded for the most aggressive play, and his aggressive and bold play brought a lot of excitement to the many galleries that were in attendance.
1-13Mamoru Osanai70696765271
2-13Shunsuke Sonoda69667268275
-13Min-Gyu Cho70657070275
4-12Kyung-Tae Kim69686772276
-12Tetsuji Hiratsuka68666973276
-11Masaya Tomita74696569277

2009 Tournament Results

July 23-26, 2009
The tournament turned out to be a rare battle in which no one knew who would win until the last hole of the final day. Veteran golfer Koki Idogi led the field on the final day, but the field of veterans Hiroyuki Fujita, Katsumasa Miyamoto, and Toru Taniguchi were charging ahead of him. Hiroyuki Fujita, who was one shot in front of the final group, made his third shot on the 18th hole 2.5 meters in front of the pin, and while desperately holding back his shaking hands, he sank the putt for a birdie to take the lead at the hole out. The final pairing, Koki Idogi, who was hoping to make a birdie to force a playoff, missed his 4-meter birdie putt, and at that moment, Hiroyuki Fujita was declared the winner.
Expectations were also high for Ryo Ishikawa, who had been in the spotlight since his return from the British Open, to see how he would play after competing in a major. Ryo Ishikawa’s performance improved with each round, and his birdie rush on the final day threatened the leaders, much to the delight of the gallery.
The Shigeo Nagashima Award, awarded for the most aggressive play, went to veteran player Jun Murota, who made a brilliant chip-in eagle on the 17th hole (Par: 4) on the third day.
1-16Hiroyuki Fujita69686966272
2-15Kohki Idoki68676870273
3-14Toru Taniguchi68716966274
-14Katsumasa Miyamoto68667268274
5-13Shigeru Nonaka73696667275
-13Taigen Tsumagari68697068275
7-12Shingo Katayama71686968276

2008 Tournament Results

July 24-27, 2008
On the final day, J.M.Singh, who started the day tied for 4th place with a 4-shot lead over Sushi Ishigaki, who was aiming for his first win on the tour, quickly climbed the scoreboard with consecutive birdies from the 3rd hole. On the final 18th, he made a difficult 6.5-meter downhill birdie putt for a 13-under total and watched Sushi Ishigaki, the last player in the group, hole out. On the other hand, Sushi Ishigaki made a birdie on the final hole, hoping to force a playoff, but his tee shot was bent to the right, and he ended up bogeying the hole to fall one step short of the lead.
J.M.Singh, the top-ranked player in the world among the participants in this tournament, won his third Tour event by two shots over Sushi Ishigaki. Ryo Ishikawa, who was in the center of attention as this was his first tournament in Hokkaido, improved from his qualifying round to finish in a tie for 3rd place, his best finish since turning pro! His bold, aggressive shots, which are typical of Ryo Ishikawa, attracted the galleries and brought excitement to the tournament.
2-11Sushi Ishigaki69676972277
3-9Ryo Ishikawa72707067279
-9Taigen Tsumagari71726868279
-9Akio Sadakata72697169279
7-8Mamoru Osanai73667368280

2007 Tournament Results

July 12-15, 2007
Toru Taniguchi won for the second consecutive round with a perfect 4-day lead! The Shigeo Nagashima Award, given to the most aggressive player, went to Tateo Ozaki, who made an eagle on the 18th hole, and Komei Oda, who made the tournament so exciting.
1-12Toru Taniguchi70706868276
3-8Komei Oda70726969280
6-3Mamoru Osanai75737265285
-3Yusaku Miyazato76707366285

2006 Tournament Results

July 20-23, 2006
The first day started out as a tight battle, but on the second day, Ishi You and Hidemasa Hoshino broke away from the pack. On the final day, the weather was chilly and drizzly, and it was a dead heat between the final group including Azuma Yano, but Ishi You birdied the last 3 holes in a row to win the tournament at 12 under.
1-12Ishi You70687266276
2-8Hidemasa Hoshino72667369280
-5Azuma Yano71707072283
7-2Kenichi Kuboya70697572286

2005 Tournament Results

July 21-24, 2005
In the beautiful and refreshing weather of Hokkaido in early summer, S.Laycock, Takashi Kanemoto, and Shinichi Yokota started the first day at the top of the leaderboard at 6-under, and although Shingo Katayama and others lined up at the top on the second day, Keng-Chi Lin won his third victory on the Japanese Tour after a big improvement on the last day.
1-13Keng-Chi Lin69696968275
2-12Kiyoshi Masaka75686766276
3-11Yoichi Shimizu69736966277
4-10Shingo Katayama69706871278
5-9Tetsuji Hiratsuka72697167279