Restaurant information

Enjoy your meal in a large space supported by breadwinners with a panoramic view of 18 holes.

Commitment to ingredients

A variety of dishes focusing on Hokkaido ingredients
A variety of dishes made with Hokkaido ingredients. With the theme of local production for local consumption, we use Hokkaido ingredients to deliver not only deliciousness but also safety and security.
“Kita no Megumi Aishoku Restaurant” certified restaurant
As a restaurant at one of Hokkaido’s most popular golf courses, we are visited daily by many customers both inside and outside Hokkaido. After a round of golf, enjoy a cold draft beer and dishes made with Hokkaido ingredients for a moment after your game.
What is “Kita no Megumi Aishoku Restaurant”?
The Hokkaido Government certifies restaurants that actively use Hokkaido ingredients and promote local production for local consumption (the “love food movement”) by offering special dishes made with Hokkaido ingredients as “Kita no megumi aishoku restaurants”.